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Browse the letters in our library to find out how easy it can be to communicate with your trustee.

Online Statement Letter
Unsure of how to get up to the minute access to your trust investments? Simply request online access using this letter. Date Dear Investment Manager, I a . . . keep reading
Asset Allocation Letter
Unsure of your trust investments and asset allocation? Use this letter to get a clear understanding of where your trust stands investment-wise. . . . keep reading
Beneficiary Budget Letter to Trustee
Unsure of how to get a formal budget to your Trustee? Simply use our special Beneficiary Forum Budget (from the download section of this website) with our special Beneficiary Forum Budget Letter below . . . keep reading
Resign Upon Request
Use this agreement to allow for a change of trustees in the event you are unable to settle your trust dispute. . . . keep reading
Letter Enclosure "Benefits of Mediation"
Enclose this Top 10 List of Benefits of Mediation for your Trustee . . . keep reading
Resign Upon Request Letter
When negotiating with your Trustee, present this letter to create an option for "porting" your trust to a new Trustee. . . . keep reading
Invitation to Mediation
If you are unable to resolve your disputes with your trustee, consider mediation as the fast track option to getting what you need while saving years of time and angst. Here's how to present it to yo . . . keep reading
Care and Quality of Living Letter
If you have a revocable living trust, this letter is a "must write" to ensure your own care and quality of life when you are no longer able to make financial decisions for yourself. We highly reco . . . keep reading
Beneficiary Forum Trust Reimbursement Request Letter
How can you get your Beneficiary Forum membership reimbursed by your trust? Simple! Send this letter along with your membership confirmation page to your trustee. Dear Trustee, . . . keep reading
Index Fund Request Letter
Want to know more about how to get your trustee to invest in lower cost, lower turnover index funds? Simply send this letter to initiate a discussion with your trustee or trust portfolio manager. . . . keep reading
Socially Responsible Fund Request Letter
Have you ever wondered about changing your trust investments away from businesses you philosophically oppose? You can - just send this letter to your trustee! Mr. Thomas Benningt . . . keep reading
How to Decipher Your Trust Accounting?
So, your trustee just sent you a trust accounting. It's three inches thick, full of strange schedules and confusing numbers. Now you're being asked to review and approve it or forever hold your pe . . . keep reading
Irina Sturam Shea, Esq.
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